Swiss courts release man who killed controller!

#1 Video of his arrival home in Russia. … 20020701-0 Recap of the accident that set this in motion.


Wow - clearly a case of premeditated (1st degree) MURDER dropped down to manslaughter, or, in effect, “justifiable homicide”. And now he’s a hometown hero :confused:


Didn’t they tell him that his beloved country-men are the ones who killed his family. If my TCAS yells climb, I climb. Even if ATC says descend, after all humans make mistakes.

Ya, ATC screwed up. But EVERYDAY in the US we have one controller working 2 freq. but only one scope. Here we increase the range on the scope instead of working 2 at once, but same difference IMO. And accidents do occur. Was it the KLEX controllers fault? He was working 2 freqs. and at least 1 scope and the tower cab.

I know, I know that’s just how it is over there, but still you wonder what information he was given. Even the news report seemed to put the blame square on the controller and not the pilot.

I wonder what the DHL family members think of all this.


i dont know waht law resolved this case, an international, a national goverment, but I expect that was did it as his laws, and complet. Maybe one said Im not agree and other Im agree but the answer is the law. :question: :exclamation: