Air France B747 veers off runway in Montreal . . .


Air France B747-400 F-GITC AF 346 from Paris veered off the runway at YUL yesterday. No injuries reported.

(quick translation)
ATC "Westjet 204, clear landing 24R, traffic is being cleared"
ATC “AFR …cleared 24R and B2, hold short 28 (ah ah)”,
AFR "AFR, we have entered the grass, engines idling, call emergency services"
ATC "Westjest, pull-up climb 3000, traffic on runway"
AFR "AFR, do you see smoke (or fire)"
ATC "negative"
ATC “trucks on the way”

LiveATC recording


I’m confused, did he not turn hard enough? If that is the case, he has a long way to go if he can’t taxi the plane…


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Thanks. The atc translation thing you made almost sounded to me like he taxied off the runway. Veering off the runway on landing makes more sense.


Damn it, I wish I had the pictures of the AF A340-300 that slid off a taxi way while going for departure on 01L. He was taxiing from “Z” to Y11 and hit a patch of ice, when the plane started to slide the capt paniced and hit the throttles to try and force the plane around (I know all this because the AF mechanic’s son was riding in the jumpseat home to CDG). He buried the nose gear all the way to the gear doors. The next day after de-fuel, and down load, with the help of a crew from DL based out of JFK which do a/c recovery they and the airport authority pulled her out. . That was a COLD day.

Glad to see this jumbo did alright. Good pics. by the way, thank you!


There has to be a France running away or surrendering joke in here somewhere…


Photos showing skid marks indicates the plane was going a wee bit faster than taxiing. :slight_smile:

It’s implied anytime France does anything.


I am the last person to leap to a Frenchman’s defense, but in this case I would point out a lack of skid marks, not their presence.