Air France AF358 Toronto accident (Aug 2/05) report released


Air France Airbus A340-313X F-GLZQ

Full Crash Report from Transportation Safety Board of Canada.

Animation from Transportation Safety Board of Canada.


Sure makes a case for immediate evacuation. I thought it was weird on several of the over runs lately they didn’t evacuate. SWA overrun at Midway and a couple recent RJ’s come to mind.


Not sure what you mean about Southwest. It ended up off-field so it’s not like they tug’d it to a gate. But anyway, they did notify tower they overran, shut down the aircraft, and evacuated down a (L1, I believe) slide.


I thought they stayed on board and walked down an air stair to board a bus to the terminal.


Well, they almost definitely took a bus to the terminal and the fire department has air stairs so that they rescuers can get on the aircraft, maybe that’s the confusion – perhaps the flight crew came down the stairs.

However, the vast majority (if not all) of the passengers did a slide evacuation.


Southwest 1248 (NTSB)

‘All flight attendants were interviewed. They all said that they noted a smooth landing but that the deceleration feeling thereafter seem less than usual. They noted that the emergency lighting came on after the airplane came to rest, and one flight attendant opened the L1 door to begin the evacuation. The emergency slide deployed automatically, but its angle in relation to the ground was less than ideal. This caused passengers to begin to pile up around the bottom of the slide. Rescue personnel assisted people away from the slide. The first officer deplaned after about 5 passengers and also assisted in getting people away from the airplane.’

NTSB update on Southwest 1248


OK. I thought they were initially kept on board.


However I agree 100% to evacuate ASAP and get away from the aircraft.

In the Air France investigation, it was noted that passenger blocked the aisles to retrieve their personal items from overhead bins.

I recall statements from the 61 survivors from the Pan Am B747 that collided with the KLM B747 in Tenerife. Passengers blocked aisles, many survivors had climbed over the seats and ran for their lives, they were the few that made it out.

On a funny note, the Air France Captain attempted to walk thru the cabin to make sure everyone got out, but was turned away by smoke. (Probably the smart thing to do). However, a passing motorist, seeing the plane in flames, parked his truck, ran to the burning jet, climbed in the back. He ran thru the cabin to the front, finding nobody on board, and was the last to leave the airplane!!!