Air Force Jet on I-95 by SAV

Anyone know the history of a jet parked next to I-95 on NB side by Savannah, GA. The tail# is 50062, I tried looking it up on google but came up empty. Have passed it a thousand times but never stopped. TIA

Try this in Google: Savannah i95 air force jet

A lot of the responses show the Mighty 8th Air Force museum

It’s a B-47 Stratojet on the grounds of the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum

I toured there several years ago. Definitely a must see for the interested.

Thanks guys, that is the bird

When my family was stationed at Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona in the early 1970s, there was a B-47 parked in the middle of the desert a couple of miles from the main post. It was there for hot weather testing. It was really strange to be driving in the middle of nowhere and then come upon a B-47 parked with very little around it.

Does anybody know if it is still there?

They have one at the Museum of Flight at BFI too.

That Plane used to be at the Florence Air and Missle Museum. (FLO SC) It closed years ago. Had several planes that were on loan from the Air Force