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AHRS added to Pi B+ running wired

I need some help,I added the AHRS module to this older Pi,I am using Ethernet wired to a repeater.How can I turn on this module?

Not sure what you are trying to do, and where the problem is…

To access the stratux, you have to know the IP-address it got assigned by your router, like and type that into your browser. You’ll find that out by logging into the router and look for the network section for a device listet as raspberrypi.

Once on the webpage, you’ll find an option to set the AHRS sensor orientation, among other things.

For what most people do here, i.e. tracking of a/c and displaying it on a map and collecting data, it is not of much if any use, so you are more likely to get help in the sources listet on the stratux.me website.

Are you even running the stratus sd-card image?
(Download button at the top of the stratux webpage)

Also the site mentions that something about the 3B+ is not compatible:

Raspberry Pi 3B Motherboard. NOTE: The 3B+ will not work.

No idea what this is about, anyway pretty sure you need to run their image for AHRS to work.

Maybe they just have not updated their image with the necessary code for a 3 B+. I tried it with an 3 A+, and it did not work, although that is even newer. But the OP said he uses an older Pi, anyway.

Well, AHRS, for all non-pilots like me, means Attitude Heading Reference System, which one really does not need for ads-b-flighttracking on the ground :slightly_smiling_face:

The module also has a bmp280 for pressure (->altitude), humidity and temperature and can control a fan. I do not think there is any software apart from the stratux image that can access these to put them to any use.

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