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Pi b+ Do I need to hook up key board-mouse to the pi to get to the set up screen to turn on the fan etc. I added the AHRS module.

You need to provide more information.
RPIs don’t have a fan by default. Piawares typically don’t need them (unless you want to use an airspy) or run them in a hot space(like an attic).
For AHRS you may want to look at the stratux user groups. http://stratux.me/

I have the box kit with a fan,It is running 52c at 54% workload,I added the AHRS module.Does it default to operate the fan? Thank you,Yes I looked everywhere for set up.Not a lot of info.I need to get into the set up screen.

Don’t think it will turn on for 52 C.

From the last page on: http://products.stratux.me/ahrs

Problem: The fan doesn’t turn on any more.
Solution: The fan is now controlled via the on-board fan controller, and will turn
on as needed based on the CPU temperature on the Raspberry Pi. It may not turn
on at all unless it is in a hot environment.

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