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Aggregating multiple dump1090 data into a "live" view

Let’s assume I own several gas stations, scattered across my state. Each one has a roof with clear view of the sky, and internet connectivity. If I wanted to put a dump1090 bundle on each roof, then feed the data back to somewhere that would give me a view of the traffic over the state, what logical pieces would i need? (I might be making this too hard, so thinking through it)

Pi + USB stick + Antenna + internet
Feed pointed at all my favorite destinations (flight aware, etc)
Feed pointed at personal aggregator?


  • running what software?
  • how does it deal with multiple incoming sources?
  • distance would obviously have to be calculated from “home” rather than from feeder site
  • any way to tag which source it came from?


ModesMixer2 and VRS can do this
I am sure that there are others. Maybe Planeplotter(I don’t use it)

To connect all those together, you first need to create a single network between them ZeroTier is one solution that I have used for that.
After that you can use the software from above or the excellent combine1090:

However, all stations will have their own location and show with different ID on the Flightaware website. You can’t make them look like just one superstation.

Well you can but you shouldn’t, it can produce bad data for aircraft on the ground!

Better to feed with every receiver separately, that way you also get MLAT results which you wouldn’t otherwise.
You can aggregate the MLAT results just as the other data, but only for personal use.

Aggregating in combine1090 works fine (it can aggregate the MLAT results as well).
Alternatively to zerotier you could also install combine1090 on every receiver and specify your main aggregator as TARGET.
Then for your aggregator you’d need a dyndns account or permanent IP and forward port 30004 to your aggregating dump1090-fa.

Displaying the aggregated feed i’d use https://github.com/wiedehopf/tar1090#tar1090

This way you won’t know which receiver received the traffic though.
For that you’ll need to use VRS and ZeroTier.
I suppose you could push into different VRS ports with combine1090 as an alternative.

With VRS you can select every data source separately.
Not sure about all the features, i don’t like VRS personally.

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