AFR7 who is able to explain/ (reg weather data)

Hi Friends!

Can anybody explain, why the pilot decided to “make the flight”: (One person injured)

What do you mean “make the flight”? Where do you get one person injured?

Media:…Airbus has launched an internal investigation into how cracks developed inside the wings of the A380, after emergency safety checks were extended to the entire fleet of superjumbos.

The Airbus chief executive, Tom Enders, said the world’s largest and most advanced passenger airliner was “absolutely” safe to fly but a probe is now underway. Speaking at the Singapore Airshow, he said the company would ensure that the flaws, created during the manufacturing process, are not repeated with the A350 mid-sized jetliner project. “Are we learning from this? Absolutely. We are taking lessons from the A380 programme for the A350 programme.”

He added: “We have a thorough investigation underway on how we could make these mistakes in the first place and to eradicate the sources of the mistakes.”

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is now considering an “airworthiness directive” requiring Airbus to replace the aluminium rivets with titanium fasteners.
In a proposal to issue the directive, EASA said: “During an engineering review, it has been identified that six aluminium rivets… are not in compliance with the certification requirements. Fatigue analysis has shown that while structure limit load capability is still ensured, it may not support ultimate load.”

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