Airbus A330/340 fbw question


I was talking to a mate and he said he read somewhere that a pilot who has been a Senior Captain on the Airbus A330/340 for over 10 years can disengage the FBW controls and fly the aircraft without it, is this true? I don’t know whether to believe him or not cos firstly he’d had a few drinks but he’s also doing a Airline Mechanics course with KLM, so really im stumped,i’d be greatful for any answers


Why not simply consider the source and ignore it as the hyperbole it is?


I don’t know what your trying to say or get at JHEM,


He is saying (my interpretation) is hangar flying and drinking don’t mix :smiley:

Do a google with the key words fbw, airbus and disable and you will get many, many sources to read from.



Sugest you ask your question on the Professional Pilots rumour network.

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