AF1 in Tampa Thurs

Hey gang, wondering if anyone knew what airport AF1 was using tomorrow for Obama’s visit to Tampa. I’ve only ever seen it once when W visited campaigning, and that was from a distance, no chance to shoot pictures.

Could be TPA, PIE or McDill. Where did Bush land? I thought it was PIE? You can look for wherever the USA 3000 press plane is heading in the morning and that should tell you. Good luck. I saw AF1 land at MSY a few months ago and never gets old seeing it.

off to MacDill he goes…

Good chance there may not be a press plane. When AF1 was in CLE last week it looked like most of the press rode along and exited out the back of AF1. Check out this video to see:

The Best Air Force One Video - YouTube)

The USA 3000 press plane just landed at MacDill

Why is the USA 300 Press Plane a Frenchy?

More correctly: … /KADW/KMCF

What’s the difference in the links!?!

The link I gave is for the specific flight. If I click on it tomorrow, next week, or two months down the road, I will get the flight for 28 Jan. This is called the permalink (i.e. permanent link).

Your link shows the current flight… If I click on the link tomorrow then it may show a different flight (e.g. MCF-ADW).