AF 1 at PBI 3/18


AF 1 is due here at PBI Tuesday 3/18. They give late afternoon as arrival. If anyone out there could alert this thread when it leaves Andrews, I can better time myself to get there from work to see it arrive or if they find arrival time any other way. thanks in advance.


Here’s a way you *may *be able to find the estimated arrival time by looking at charters from the Washington area (ADW, IAD, DCA) that are arriving in the afternoon. You can tell the charters because they are numbered in the 9000 series (except for COA, which uses, I believe, the 1600/1700 series of flight numbers). Also look for flights from the Washington area that are operated by charter carriers such as BSK.

With all of the flights between Washington and Florida, this may not work, though, because the press may go on scheduled flights. Or, more likely, they’ll use the local Palm Beach/Miami area press.

You can also find out when the Republican National Committee reception (the event that President Bush is attending) is being held. He would probably be arriving not too much earlier than the time it is scheduled to start.


Do you suppose that the City of West Palm Beach will try to assess their new landing fee to AF1?.. :unamused:


The TFR is set to start at 2025 UTC local time and end at 2300 local UTC time,Depending on whether East coast is Daylight or standard time that will be 325 if standard time and 425 if daylight time and will end either 630 or 730 local time.Looks like the PRESS will be on a JET BLUE Aircraft as one landed at Andrews AFB From JFK this afternoon.They usually leave before AF 1 so check the time when they leave Andrews Afb tomorrow,AF 1 wont be too far behind .


Clunk! That was the sound of my hand hitting my forehead. I didn’t even think that a TFR would be set up before the arrival! Florida is on daylight (we savings time*.

*Technically, it’s daylight let’s-fool-the-people-into-thinking-they-are-getting-more daylight-hours savings times.


:confused: So is that… UTC or local time :question:


Daylight Stoopid Time…Serious brain trust that came up with that garbage. :unamused: Time is time…regardless of how you artificially manipulate it!


Ahem. EDT = UTCminus4!


It is confusing for me too trying to read it since they list it so many different ways,it is 1625 EDT til 1930EDT.


Actually it looks like it was changed to 1030 to 1630EDT.

TFR Posting on ANN


Doh!.. :blush:

Thanks James… I ficks it. :wink:


Thats the times for the JACKSONVILLE TFR,they were asking about West Palm Beach its in the afternoon,so Florida will be covered up tomorrow from North to South.




What’s with all the DST hating?!? All I care about is some extra time in the sunshine on my back porch while I’m grilling. Of course it’s not really “changing” time but, if you think about it, the “correct” time is really an arbitrary number anyway. It’s just what you were taught and what you expect. You’ve really all been brainwashed!!! :open_mouth:


Check out George Carlin’s “Do you have the time?” skit. Pretty good stuff on the arbitrary nature of time.


What doesn’t make sense is having Alaska on daylight savings time. They get as much as 24 hours of sunshine during the summer months! What good does adjusting the time do them?


I remember as a kid (and even now sometimes) during DST…going to bed while it was still light out, but waking up when it’s still dark…which is backwards to the body’s circadian rhythm.

The constants are time and the orbital axis changes of the earth giving us seasons. Trying to artificially manipulate a constant instead of adapting to it just seems senseless. Yes, time has been controversial…but our current system was created four thousand years ago, and has been set as the world standard. But then a hundred years ago some guy named Willett came up with the idea to save energy by manipulating time to have more daylight in the evening. Well that benefit sure backfired with the advent of air conditioning. So now we consume more energy during DST…and what does the government do?..extends the DST period. :unamused: Global studies have shown that the observance of DST increases energy use overall.

And now that we have the global economy of scale that we do, DST confuses things even more…considering that the majority of the world population doesn’t observe DST, or observe it in a consistant way for those that do. Which creates big issues in the technological world we live in…thereby counteracting any economic benefit.

But hey…some of us get a little more daylight for backyard grilling…

Nothing personal trafly just making a point… :wink:


Thanks for everyones help. i got to see it land. Security was very lax on perimeter public streets. I wasn’t more than 200 feet away from ILS structure on landing. :open_mouth: Got video too :slight_smile:


Don’t bet on the lax security. You were in someones gunsite! :smiling_imp:


Probably just to keep them closer to the rest of the U.S. They (Anchorage) would be 5 hours behind us east coasters, which makes for an even shorter work day than usual. We already keep folks until 7 to help deal with the west coasters. And the midnight sun or whitenights really only effects latitudes slightly south of the arctic circle, so not much of populated Alaska anyway. Their sun zenith is about an hour behind ours so they typically run closer to our DST all year, but an extra hour is an extra hour regardless.