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Aeroplane enthusiasts can help birds

An article in our local newspaper reminded to me, that birds have more and more problems to find places where they can build their nest and grow up their squabs (not only in cities).
I asked myself if I could help and when then how.
So I decided to install on the mount of my ADS-B antenna a nest box.
The hole of the nest box should look to the east or south-east, so I had to turn the antenna and mount the nest box there were the antenna was.
Because spring was coming, it took only a few hours and the nest box was occupied by some birds.

Mounting a nest box nearby to the ADS-B antenna can generate other benefits: In our flat satellite-antennas for TV are forbidden, my ADS-B antenna was not 100 percent legal or illegal and sometimes a subject of discussions with the landlords and neighbours.
Now my landlord explained to me, that my mount is in his view an acceptable nest box with an antenna, and a neighbour asked me if the radiation of the antenna would harm the birds. I explained to her that this is a passive antenna that nor harm the birds nor her living beside it.
Before I mounted the nest box, the subject “antenna” was negative, now it has changed to positive.

With these lines I would invite you to check, if you could improve your antenna with a small effort.
Best regards from Switzerland.


An addition to the bird box bottom could house a nice little preamp if you have a longish cable run

Bodenweid, seeing you’re from Switzerland it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the bird box top cover would open automatically every hour! :wink:


And if the birds would be all ADS-B equipped…hmmmmm :rofl:

But i like the idea. We do have similar issues in Germany. Meanwhile owners of buildings can buy specific wall bricks where this is included helping the birds

Nice idea!
I will do something similar. Thanks for the inspiration :grinning:

Thanks for the feedback.

Birds feeding their squabs collect a lot of insects, which are sometimes boring for us.
Since I have mounted the nest box, I have less of these Insects on my terrace, in my plants and coming into my flat. This is an unexpected bonus for me.

Not exactly a nesting box, but I’ve added a roosting stick to this mast


I’ve seen it used by cockatoos and falcons, but not at the same time!

I’ll just leave this here :smiley: