Freindly "man + ladders" in Huddersfield area?

Hi all,

Bit of a long shot here, but worth a try!

My currently-active antenna (the green fA one) is working really well, receiving birds at c280miles.

Running HabAmp, L400 coax etc etc.

Only remaining issue is the ant location, it’s currently hanging from my loft rafters!

I have all the mountings already up to position the ant externally above the roof line (in fact, it holds my old, flooded, non-connected ant)…

Just need someone with some ladders to put it up for me -

Dont suppose we have any fellow fA users anywhere near Huddersfield / Halifax who could do a fellow a favour?

Might be a few pints in it for you! :wink:

I just paid for my maint guy to do this. Cost a “fortune” IMHO, about $150. I told him up front that the reviews of the antenna bracket indicated it was difficult to put up, so I wanted them to review how to install, before getting on roof top.

Of course, he was busy and sent over a jack leg who gets on roof top, having never ever looked at the instructions or the kit, he can’t figure it out (he had not looked) so I ended up paying for 3 hours of some fool trying to read instructions. If I had not forewarned him of the issue, it would kind of been ok.

I just bring this up, since my estimate was about an hour job, max and it took a whole lot longer.

If I did not need my man, and if he had not done so much for me in the past, I would have not paid that much.

Just make sure your guy understands. I would contact a roofing company or maybe the cable company. I had no luck in my area looking for antenna intstallers!

Good Luck!