Aerobatic flying as a career...?

Can you make a career out of aerobatic flying?
I’ve heard that there are aerobatic competitions and the like, but haven’t found very much information on it.
Does anyone know what the best way would be to go into that field in aviation, what kind of schools or experience you need, and where you could work proffesionally?

Any info would be greatly appreciated since I am interested in pursuing aerobatic flying as a possible career.

It’s a very small community, the professional aerobatic scene. You have to be extremely well funded, as well as being extremely talented. There’s plenty of decent aerobatic pilots out there, there are only a few that are professionals in the airshow circuit. Do you consider owning an aerobatic flight school part of your “professional aerobatic flying”?
There’s not much future in being a mediocre aerobatic pilot.
Go to, and join, the International Aerobatic Club.

What is you flying experience now?

We have a gal at our home base who gave up being a sargeant with the OKC police dept. to be a full time aerobatic pilot. She is a cool chick with all the appropriate skills to put on a show. She went to Sean Tucker’s school, and got hooked.

Time and money yes, but I imagine her life is much the same as mine and the Mastercard commercials…when you get to that flying part, it is…priceless, and worth every penny and second of it.


Well my flying experience is very basic, i am currently only working on my privates (although I am almost done with training). I’m 17 yrs old as of now, so i just wanted to what the steps were and what i needed to do.

You’re at about that age where working on your privates takes precedence over everything else.

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