Aero api missing info (e.g. city, airport name, localtime, timezone) from previous richer api

Dear Flightaware,

i am currently upgrading my flight tracking code to aero api for a number of my clients. I would appreciate your feedback in important data changes that are causing substantial difficulties.

Case 1.

In the previous api the origin and destination part contained all the necessary info like :
“origin”: {
“code”: “LGAV”,
“city”: “Athens”,
“alternate_ident”: “ATH”,
“airport_name”: “Athens Intl, Eleftherios Venizelos”
but In the new api:
“origin”: {
“code”: “EDDF”,
“code_icao”: “EDDF”,
“code_iata”: “FRA”,
“code_lid”: null,
“airport_info_url”: “/airports/EDDF”

the city and airport name is missing by a replacement url that would require a second and third call, thus getting the result much slower and increasing the cost.

Case 2 and most important.

In the previous api local time was also provided.
“filed_departure_time”: {
“epoch”: 1604331300,
“tz”: “EET”,
“dow”: “Monday”,
“time”: “05:35PM”,
“date”: “11/02/2020”,
“localtime”: 1604338500
in the new api this info is missing e.g.“scheduled_out”: “2022-07-23T18:00:00Z” and the json reply does not contain anywhere the info to convert the time. How would we know the timezone of the origin and destination to convert to the local time?

I would appreciate if you could add the above info to the result data in order to provide the same top standard services. If the above missing data is result to cost issues decisions, i would suggest to charge the call cost per request parameter that would eventually include all the necessary info for a single call.

Your reply is highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards,


Thank you for this valuable feedback. V4.9 has been released which includes an enhancement to include the timezone, airport name and city for the origin and destination. You will now be able to get everything you need in a single call.