API Question and Flight Time Issues

Hey FlightAware!

Question 1: I’m currently using the API in order to generate flight times on my website fasttrack.co.il . The website is an e-commerce website which offers services in the airport so all I need to retrieve using the API is the flight departure/arrival time, using the flight’s date, airline, and flight number.

I had a little trouble when integrating the API so I called customer service and was told I need to buy the Silver Package, which I did. Sometime later the API wasn’t working so I fixed it, but am now led to believe I may not have had to purchase the Silver Package at all.

Question 2: Using the API, today I tried to check the time for KLM Flight 462 from TLV to AMS. Currently the take-off time for this flight is 3:45, but according to the KLM website that time changes to 4:45 as of March 19, 2018. Unfortunately it seems that instead of the API returning the correct time it is returning 3:45.

If you could please help me get to the bottom of both these issues I would very greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!

If you want flight schedule information, then you would need Silver. Also, if you anticipate making more than 500 or 2500 calls, you would need the silver account. If you do not feel you need the Silver account, I am more than happy to get you on the correct plan.

I do not see either of those times provided for KLM462. Neither on the schedule data that we have nor on the KLM site. Additionally, I do not see it changing on the 19th on the KLM site.