ADS-B Statistics Listing


For the ADS-B Statistics, Top Sites and Top Users, listings, would it be possible to have the ability to sort or filter by the country column? That way one can easily see where one is rank per country, without wading through all of the countries.



+1 it would be nice


You can filter by country on


In the “Top Cities” tab, it would be great to have the state included in the listings rather than just City and Country. Some cities are present in multiple states, so this could help differentiate these instances.


It would be nice to be able to SEARCH for a user in the top 1000 users list, or search for a city in the cities list.

If you wanted to be -really- nice, it would be possible to order the top users list by country or in the U.S. by state so you could see how the folks in Kansas compare with the coastal users… “Flyover country” after all.

Sorting the top cities by country and state for ditto reasons.


It would also be nice in the My ADS-B page to sort by fields by clicking on the table headers. This is the case in dump1090 where it is quick, intuitive and easy to sort the aircraft table by any field with one mouse click.

In particular I would like this in the “Nearby ADS-B Sites” table so that I could sort by Nearest Airport or by Flights or Positions. This would allow me to easily see how my site is performing when compared to other sites feeding from locations around me. I live in Charlotte NC (KCLT) and the terrain is principally flat. My house is on slightly lower ground than most and there is a burm or bank or small hill with a huge row of trees atop about 100 yards to the north of me. I have spent considerable time optimizing my station and direct comparisons and most useful.

Right now I am using Copy/Paste into Excel and manipulating data from there.