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When I examine the stats for TOP SITES and TOP USERS, the position numbers (1-1800 or 1-1000) seem to me to be eschewed. The position # for either set are the totals from multiple feeders of one person. How does this compare a particular feeder to another ? IE., how would it compare one (1) feeder near Chicago ORD to one (1) at Hartsfield ATL. It doesn’t… The user/person with the most feeders can always be #1 in either list. It seems, as it is now, I could never be #1 in either TOP SITES or TOP USERS even though I’m in a very good location with very good stats and he with the most feeders wins… Did I make that understandable.

Is this a glitch ?



Er, that’s exactly what the top sites list shows.


This user pretty much disproves your claim, btw:
#6 user, but the individual sites aren’t even in the top 100.


Fuzzyjets, you and I will never be at the top of the lists. Users around Europe, a dense target rich environment, will top even someone sitting between JFK & LGA. Besides, ADS-B is mandated for all a/c in Europe but not in USA as yet. Oh well.


except the ‘Bear’ bombers that fly 12 miles out with transponders off…

actually lots of planes fly around with transponders that don’t provide positional info - suppose ATC use MLAT?


If your doing this just to be in some top list, your doing it for the wrong reasons.


Where did that come from ?

I was commenting about how the positions, 1-x, advance.


ATC uses traditional radar for aircraft that are not yet ADS-B equipped. (In fact, most ATC locations in the US are still using radar for all aircraft, even if the aircraft is ADS-B equipped. This is because most ATC stations have not been upgraded or transitioned yet, since the federal mandate for ADS-B to be actually used for operational purposes isn’t until 2020. Some experimental US facilities are currently testing fused radar + ADS-B displays, but that is still not very widespread.)


Does that ring a bell?


Wrong. I am here to because I enjoy it on many levels. One of those is the competition.

I’m curious W7PSK, what is the correct reason?



That’s valid, however, if it’s purely to be #1 on a list, then I agree with w7psk. It shouldn’t be about that. Locally, jepolch beats me…by far. I would like to beat his numbers, but not for the sake of “being #1”. More the challenge of self improvement. For now, I’ll chant, “I’m #2! I’m #2!”. …And worldwide, I proudly chant, “I’m #5,000,600+!”.

This is how I interpret the point w7psk was trying to make and I agree with him.


Thats what I was getting at. I do this because Ive always had an interest in Aviation and tracking is an extenstion of this. Ive visited the stats page maybe twice because I could care less where I am. I only go to my ADSB page to see how my daily numbers are and tweek the system to try and increase the numbers to the best I could do here in my area.

From the OPs message it appears his only drive is to be #1 instead of data collection and assisting FA in thier tracking. I would love to be able to do MLAT here to track MODE S user also like I did with PP.


Stating that someone else’s motivation for this hobby (it’s a hobby, not a service to humanity) is somehow not as important as your motivation is goofy.

Some enjoy building antennas, some enjoy the free enterprise account, some enjoy the visual representation of local air traffic, some enjoy integrating RF and data manipulation with Linux, some enjoy aviation and plane spotting, and some want to cobble wire, antennas, and little computers together to feed the biggest amount of data to FA for bragging rights.

My motivation is all of the things listed but mostly I want to be at the top of the list for the same reason that I stay up all night and day during Field Day. To make the most QSOs my stamina and equipment will allow.

Your motivation is no more or less relevant than anyone else’s.



I’ll never be #1 contributor and frankly could not care less. Back when there were 450 sharing data, I was usually somewhere around 300. At that time the statistics page showed the top 50, and clicking ‘more’ got the entire list which you could search and find your position. With 2,000 sharers that doesn’t scale and now I don’t know where I rank. That I am contributing something to the FA feeds is sufficient. Collaboration is preferred to competition. To me, the rat race is a spectator sport. :slight_smile: