ADS-B Setup

I’m setting up a new ADS-B receiver. I just bought all the items listed below from Amazon. Can someone confirm the setup will work? I want to make sure i bought all the correct cables, connectors etc… Thanks! … ge_o01_s00 … ge_o01_s00 … ge_o00_s01 … ge_o00_s00 … ge_o00_s01 … ge_o01_s00 … ge_o00_s02 … ge_o00_s00 … ge_o00_s04 … ge_o00_s04 … ge_o00_s03 … ge_o00_s03


A lot of stuff to go through, however, it looks like it should work.

You can get an SMA-MCX male male pigtail … detailpage

it would eliminate the need for an SMA-SMA male/male adapter.


Thanks John!

I’m using the Flight Aware ‘ADS-B 1090MHz Band-pass SMA Filter’ and the male connector on the filter should connect to the receiver, which is why I chose the ‘RF coaxial coax cable assembly SMA female to MCX male right angle 6’‘’ cable. The ‘SMA Male to SMA Male Plug in series RF Coaxial Adapter Connector’ will connect from the Flight Aware ‘ADS-B 1090MHz Band-pass SMA Filter’ female connector to the ‘Times Microwave lmr240-sma-mf-15 SMA Male to SMA Female Jumper - Ultra Low Loss LMR-240 Coaxial Antenna Extension Cable (15-Feet)’.

Make sense? I tried to upload a diagram but it doesn’t seem like the forums support this. Anyhow. Thanks!


Yeh, the forums only allow you to post diagrams by URL links. A real pain but saves them a ton of space.
(the saving for users browsing is probably not much these days with great broadband and 4G/LTE)