ADS-B on WiFi..

Hi…Is anyone running ADS-B on Wifi? If I have a wireless internet connection and do not have any router, How can I run the ADS_B receiver…? Please share if anyone is doing the same…

Yes, I am running ADS-B on Wi-Fi.
I have a couple Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with USB Wireless N 802.11N Nano Dongle (WiFi Adapter) and a newly installed Raspberry Pi 3 Model B - Raspberry Pi. Works fine one Wi-Fi.

With wireless internet connection what do you mean?
Are you able to connect, let’s say your iPhone/Android to this wireless network?
What ADS-B receiver are you planning to run?

:laughing: Thanks… I am running Flightfeeder and unfortunately having old Version 6.4 so not compatible with WiFi… I am going to get the newer version and then only can try this out…

I am running my Flight Feeder using 4G wireless Router

You can just get a Wifi / ETH bridge, sometimes called a “gaming adapter” that will provide a normal ethernet cable connection from your Wifi.