ADS-B FlightAware tracking question

I recently had ADSB-out installed. I upgraded my KT76C to a KT74 and GPS input is from my G430W. This is in a 1979 Skyhawk, located at DuPage airport, West Chicago, IL Most of my flying is within 50 miles of Ohare International.

Some of the flights will be mapped on FlightAware, but not all. I perform the FAA ADSB performance checks after all the flights and everything seems to be just fine with its operation. I have no idea but it seems every other flight is missing. Does anyone have any ideas or explanation why some flights would show up in FlightAware and others are not? The N number is N8466E.



Do you have “show position-only flights” enabled on your FA account? (at

It turns out “Show position flights” was not checked. That was something I didn’t know about. I haven’t seem much about Help pages…did I miss that also or do they not exist?

Anyway, I did check the box and now it is showing all my flight.

THanks much for the info.

Now, is there a way to change the color and thickness of the flight lines?