ADS-B DIY PiAware enclosure I build yesterday

I built this yesterday and it has been active for 36 hours now.

Here is a little step by step


Great build and instructions. Many thanks.

Nice and neat built!

Excellent! Very clear and easy to follow step by step illustrated instructions.

Thanks for the detailed instructions. I am building mine, similar enclosure, same receiver, in-house psu (the elephant in the room) with “some issues”. While it stays on the ground in a bunch of cables will work with (4 days streak, no downtime) as long as it is mounted in the neat little box everything goes down in flames. Integration issues!

Great idea! But is the mast reliable? If you encounter bad weather conditions (such as strong winds)

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CAT 6 network cable for outdoor using?

As for right now it is my only option. I live in South Florida. The land of Hoa. No holes to the building, no antenna, no fun.