Actual mileage entry

Would it be possible to put in “actual mileage” on a tracked flight based on coordinates flown?

We try to file direct as the crow flies in the land of direct where I live, but reality has it we zig and zag, adjusting for wind correction and even get amended clearances that add to the mileage.

Would be interesting to see what the actual mileage comes out compared to “filed mileage”.


since the progress bar indicates “miles down” (presumably just integrated groundspeed) while en route, the total at the last data point could easily be archived … this should be a fairly simple mod to the display for the selected flight … not sure whether “miles to go” at any given point is “present position direct” or as-filed, but that won’t matter once the flight arrives

there is a problem with some tracks ending well short of the arrival airport, however … I recently flew EWR-BDL and CLE-DAY on CO, both track displays dropped out the last several minutes

unfortunately, as an airline passenger, you don’t have real-time access to this data