milage status


Is milage status displayed in SM or NM??


sorry i guess i misunderstood the question.


The distances on FlightAware flight pages (x miles down, y miles to go) are in sm.


My experience has been that the mileage units utilized when displaying “x miles down, y miles to go” is based upon the setting for distance units (statute or nautical miles) available in the “profile” section for registered FlightAware users. Based on mduell’s response, my presumption is that statute miles is the default for non-registered users.


So they are! I forgot we added that option. But the default for that option is still sm.


Why does FA display miles down/miles to go during the flight but doesn’t display the total mileage at the end of the flight?


Why don’t we display the total mileage during and after the flight? Good question.


What’s wrong with adding the two together? There’s a built in calculator in Windows if you can’t do it in your head.


The sum of distance to go and distance traveled is not the same as the distance between the beginning and the end.


Sorry - I misread the question. Didn’t realize he meant for the total miles flown AFTER the flight has reached its destination.


Not even necessarily after the flight, since not everybody flies a perfectly straight line.

With all the wiggles in some of my flights, I wonder just how many miles I add to my course for wind correction adjustments. I’ll have to try this tomorrow with my hand held GPS and see.

I’d imagine it would be small, but add a couple miles per hundred to account for wiggles can add for some flight distance and time.

Still waaaaay shorter then following the paved roads below. :smiley:



So you got a new plane? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, a slower vehicle :smiley: