miles or nautical miles?


This may have already been asked, but…

On the maps, is the scale (located in the lower left corner) in statute miles or nautical miles?






I didn’t know FA used SM miles (statute). So can I now assume that the number of miles on the flight tracking page are sm? I am dissapointed with FA choice. But, if you’re not a pilot, then you probably have no clue what nautical miles and knots are. I understand why FA used statute miles.


I’m not a pilot and I know what the difference is. Many people do its just that that do you see people going 20 knots too fast on a highway…


I was watching speed television the other day and they had a motorcycle on there that had an airspeed indicator (actually worked) instead of a speedometer, so it’s entirely possible.


I’m talking about the average American car or soccer mom van here. Not some freak of nature motorcycle that does not use a speedometer.


What are you talking about? :wink:


Basically saying that most people use statute miles compared to nautical miles on a daily basis (excluding pilots).

And that not everyone who uses this site is a pilot and it would be easiest for them in interpret the data better.

Any more things I need to clarify? :laughing:



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