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Actual Arrival Times Are Incorrect

Im using SetAlert() method to get flight arrival alerts. I created an End Point and i received your JSON alerts. But my question is i checked Flight’s Actual arrival times and most of them are incorrect. I get your UNIX epoch time and converted into human date. My time zone is GMT+05:30. Below show some of incorrect actual arrival flights which are came 2015-April-10 to Colombo. (CMB/VCBI).

ALK319, QTR664, ALK504, ALK206, ALK264, etc

Please check this issue and reply me.

Those flights all appear to be outside of our primary coverage areas, so data quality may sometimes be incomplete. However, keep in mind that FlightXML primarily returns “runway times” and not “gate times”, so there is usually a few minutes of taxi time difference between the two. A future version of FlightXML will allow you to access the gate times also.