Accident at Long Beach



N849BM Beech 200 Super King Air Click Here for news and video.

Aircraft had just departed and was attempting an emergency landing for unknown reasons.


Looks like from the position of the wreckage that the pilot was trying to make 16L after the departure from 30.

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CBS2 has an update identifying most of the victims: … dentified/


This one was also covered by the KLGB LiveATC feed.

Reminder, you have to be logged into their forums to grab the clip. It isn’t for the faint of heart. … asetakeoff/



All they have is the aircraft cleared for takeoff - there is no further comment.

You can hear all the news helicopters showing up - and asking questions - other than being told it was on departure - any person who asked a question were told to phone the tower.

The only witness I heard, said the aircraft was making a very unusual sound, as it took off, it immediately banked hard in attempt to return to the field and crashed.

I did not hear any ATC contact other than cleared for take-off.

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