ABS-B out (transmitter) for small planes

Good day to all FA members.

A local flying school asked me if there’s a way to track the small training aircrafts used by their students. I know that ADS-B is not required for these small aircrafts, any particular reason?

I am looking for the cheapest way to provide some sort of tracking for these training planes for the sake of safety and flight path and time evaluation.

Any thoughts that could point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


Look Here

Thanks for the lead… I didnt think that it would be be that expensive… any cheaper way to go?



Flying a small aircraft myself, I think you should’t compromise on safety. :wink:
ADSB out comes at a cost. using cheap equipment might lead to incorrect postions and updates and that might lead to hazards in the air for yourself and others.

Contact the manufacturer of the aircraft, 9 out of 10 will a certified solution for the type of aircraft for ADSB out.


I agree 100%, but while safety is our main concern, the cost (around PHP 125k) is a little steep.

I am not a pilot and I am just helping a friend in our Coast Guard Aux squadron, Is there a reason why ADS-B out is not even mandatory (at least for the small planes)?

Thanks a bunch


Hello Robert,

The requirement for ADS-B out is depending on the regulations as set by the relevant aviation authority.
I’m flying in Europe and the European Aviation Authority has set these requirements:

In your case I assume this is set by the FAA:

Exclusions are based on MTOW weight, speed or airspace requirements.

Not FAA. Philippines (name/icon is basically an advert)


I assume it would be CAAP for PH.

Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines

I’ve tried to find information for that aviation authority but there’s nut much availble online.

Maybe this site can be of use