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Anyone seen this one before - Just says VFR

Which would not make sense today as its very cloudy low vis and lots of rain. I do not have a UAT station running.

I have not. But it looks like ADS-R (rebroadcast) means that a ground station has received a UAT broadcast from one plane and retransmitted it over ADS-B for the benefit of other aircraft who don’t have UAT receivers. (assuming I understood what I read on this page: https://www.faa.gov/nextgen/equipadsb/capabilities/ins_outs/ correctly.

I read that but I wasn’t sure I understood it. Its all new to me that part.

Same here. I just didn’t recognize the ADS-R term, so I did some creative Googling. I’m glad to have learned something new.

Ditto, Learned something new which is the whole idea of this. :smiley:

Some UAT transponders have an ‘anonymous mode’ feature, which I assume is what produces these kinds of returns.

Thanks Smytherrs, that would be one good reason. Must be someone around here that has something like that installed. Been no much VFR around here lately so wont see him. Maybe if we get some good field work days they will show again.