AA upgrade criteria

I’m a former US Airways Chairman that got forced over to be a Exec Platinum on the “NEW” American Airlines. Since that time when my FF# was involuntarily changed to a AA #, I don’t get nearly the upgrades I used to get with US Airways. I had spoken to AA customer service when the merger was taking place and they blamed it on that the systems weren’t integrated yet but now it’s “One airline” - On today’s trip, yesterday there were three open FC seats. I called AA Customer services (should be called customer rejection) who said there was only one seat (Amazing as I sat staring at the screen showing three). When I asked what the criteria was for upgrades, he said something about he couldn’t tell be because he’s been called in his bosses office in the past for saying things. So, I got no information whatsoever. When I started today’s triple hop, I was #1 in the queue when I left the first airport. By the time I arrived at DFW, I was down to #7 and now I’m #8.
I guess I’m not understanding what AA uses to make upgrades. Obviously being Exec Plat has ZERO influence, which is strange considering you’d think a bankrupt airline would want to keep loyal FF.

I’ve been told that AA pushes those who are using 500 mile upgrades ahead of status.
I’ve been told it’s when you check in that puts you in the queue.
I’ve been told it’s when you requested the upgrade (i.e. when you bought the ticket).

Does anyone have any insight?

The service in Customer Service is now closer to the meaning found in animal husbandry IMHO

Yes, people using upgrade instruments, such as 500 mile upgrades, regional upgrades, systemwide upgrades, or miles are ahead of people who are not, regardless of status.

This’ll pretty much answer all your questions…