AA evouchers fraud


:imp: AA in Puerto Rico rude, employees think they paid for your ticket. The manager andy grant is the worst. I have an evoucher from American, I emailed them to use at webside. They reply I needed make reservation by phone using evoucher. I called yesterday, and they told me to go to airport because evoucher cannot be used on website or phone only at airport. The evoucher in print said to be use ob the website, telephone or airport. LIE LIE LIE I went to airport last night, the office there was closed. Since yesterday, February 2 new hour up to 9:00 pm, no employees received memo, because the website or telephone operator did not know about this new hours. Tried to used evoucher at airport, the agent called the manager at the counter, in our face the manager told us we cannot use the evoucher, because is too much trouble in Puerto Rico the agent to give us a discount, a mere 100. I spent more than 2,000 on flight tickets. AA sent evouchers but does not comply. I called customer service after 33 minutes talking, told to emailed. I said I already emailed, phone and went to airpot to no avail. I have a evoucher (useless paper, and AA do not want to accept. AA IS A RIP OFF. :smiling_imp: :imp: :smiling_imp: