A380 visits Montreal


(INFO690) - Le nouvel Airbus A-380 a atterri pour la premire fois l’aroport Montral-Trudeau ce midi.
Plus de 25 entreprises qubcoises ont contribu au dveloppement de ce gant des airs d’une hauteur de 8 tages et qui peut accueillir jusqu’ 800 passagers.

En audio, Suzanne Benoit, directrice gnrale d’Aro Montral, la grappe industrielle arospatiale, donne un aperu de la participation qubcoise.

Julie Hroux / Info690

info690.com/nouvelle-nouvel_ … 22-27.html

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Lucky!.. must go check it out. I will be at CYUL tonight!

I don’t see it on the CYUL arrivial board. Must be flying using the Airbus ICAO code AIB.


Leaves CYUL today for tour in the United States, returns to Montreal on the 15th.

A380 will be in Orlando today.


It is Air France’s first first 380 and is flying in Airbus colours.


What’s your source for information? Where else will it go, and when?




I saw a story on local news. I am in Montreal area now. I also found the above news item ( sorry about the French ) I was at YUL this morning at around 3:00am and it is out in the middle of the field parked at the Bombardier facilities. It is here for a promotion of A380 service to YUL plus some time for local suppliers to have employees give the plane a once over.

I am not very familiar with good spotting locations close to the airport and my connection to the field is away on business. I tried finding a spot closer but no luck.

Just read an article in The Montreal Gazette. Over 1000 people showed up around noon on the 12th to see the A380 on approach to 24R. Apparently a very good spot to ’ spot '. Now I know.


Is there a published list of tour locations for the A380. Today would have been an ideal day for me to take off work and drive to MCO. Can’t do it Thursday :frowning: