A330-300 at KGSP


Rare sight in these parts. Diversion of DAL273
inbound to ATL from CDG due to thunderstorms. Imagine being on a 9-1/2 hr flight and having to sit on board only 150 miles from your destination. I doubt they can de-plane as GSP only has a small customs station, mainly used for private GA travel. I’m babysitting the 2yr old tonight, so, no photos.


flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL2 … /LFPG/KGSP


It’s kind of fun, when we have big storms here in ATL, to look and see which small airports got the diversions. It seems CSG, CHA, BHM, MGM, AGS, and TYS get a lot of them. I remember – last summer, not sure? – the DL 777 that went into TYS two afternoons in a row, and the AF 340 that went into SAV a couple of years ago. Both items merited short newspaper articles the next day. :wink: