A snow day for air traffic as well as schools....

I expected to see an impact of the winter storm in the northeast US on air traffic (as seen on my PiAware receiver), but wasn’t expecting this much of a decrease.

Amazing how many flights in the area have been impacted.

It is even worse for uat 978Mhz.
I haven’t seen an aircraft since 6AM. 151 since midnight UTC/GMT when I normally get over 1,000
flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/ … tats-20974

I was hoping to see a graphic like this from a local user… thanks! Yeah, almost 6200 domestic flights canceled today at this point.

Thanks for posting this. I had noticed a huge drop in traffic and wondered if it was an equipment problem at my end. Obviously not.

I am right under NY/Philly/NE to Florida routes. Over 50 less flights, at any time I checked yesterday. Still below “normal” today, but getting back up there!