A-Rod's Gulfstream

N113AR hasn’t moved in 90 days. Did A-Rod get rid of this aircraft or is it possibly flying under another call sign? Previously it flew quite a bit.


What’s 's an A-Rod? Is it the exact opposite of a Z-Rod?
The aircraft may have been blocked from tracking.

Come on Dami…pull your head out.

A-Rod…Alex Rodriguez, 3B (that would be 3rd base) for the NYY (New York Yankees)…former Texas Ranger (baseball team that plays in Arlington, TX)…

You worry me sometimes.

Believe it or not, I have zero to really low interest in the following groups of people:
-Professional (i.e. overpaid) sports figures
-Entertainers (with some exceptions)
-Musicians (again, with some exceptions - and NONE of those exceptions include hard rock, rap, or anything else that passes for music on top-40 radio stations)

For the last two categories, I need to ask my girlfriend about them.