a new site popped up under my user account



Just looking at my stats and there seems to be a site that is “attached” to my username, but it is not mine. The site is 6435. It has just 1 position reported and 1 flight, and seems to be inactive again.

I haven’t given out my credentials to anyone. Is this a glitch in the system somewhere?
My profile is, and the site I have running is 3106.




Update: It turns out that this site was me :frowning:

I had to reboot my RasPi and PiAware was still installed on the system. It was stopped, but rc-defaults was not updated to not auto-start.
What is weird is that I restarted the Pi on Sunday daytime (CET) and the single message popped up yesterday.

If there is an admin who can remove the site, it would be nice, if not, I know it will be gone in 30 days from now.