A few random questions

  1. On the flight/tail#: search box why doese the button say track any flight but track the n number put in? :confused:

  2. Why Is the flight aware website flightaware.com/? :confused:

The updates to the airline box and airport box are greatly appreciated! :smiley:



This is going to be good…

There’s something about new pilots you gotta love.

However, I’m not sure what that is? Anyone?

I agree.

Face palm from 33,000ft

:laughing: Now THAT is a first for this forum!!! This is what technology has brought us… I love it!

You can put any flight or tail number in the box and we’ll take you to it.


That answers my questions thanks.

All I can say is…thank you for using spell check sum2

I kept getting debug error so i made it a jpeg.

That’s because superscript characters aren’t on your keyboard. You’ll always get a debug error unless you posting consists of only characters that are shown on your keyboard.