A Fallen Soldier

These types of stories abound on the Internet.
According to snopes.com/politics/military/pilot.asp This one is true.
Election day is tomorrow, Veteran’s day a week later. Thanks for posting.

I’ve been told stories such as this are common. I’ve tried to delete it but am unable to find how to do so. My apologies for posting an inappropriate story.

DON’T delete it. If you follow the link joelwiley gave you’ll see that this is a TRUE story.

You’re welcome.

Thank you for the posting. It is always a timely subject. A number of members were in service at a time when the reception was far different. I doubt any of them will object. For any who do object, that is a right that the subject soldier, and far too many others, gave the last full measure to protect.
Please extend my thanks to your seabee for his service.

Unfortunately this is all to common an occurrence. “Most” of the time its a happy reunion. On occasion its to bring a troop home a final time.

Either way “we”, Police, Fire, USO, Family, are there at the gate or on the tarmac to pay tribute to the returning troop. Last one we had was an army SGT coming home from Afghanistan who didnt even expect anyone at the gate. He came out of the airplane and there were dozens of uniformed and on-uniformed Americans saluting, clapping, or a little bit of both. Also present was his family. The soldier was so stunned he couldnt even speak for a few minutes.

The time before that was for a fallen Marine. He came home to the Fire engine hoses spraying a salute and a USMC honor guard to escort him home one final time. Also present were Police, Fire, and the flight crew. It was a very solemn ceremony and as I looked at all the people at the gate window watching I could only hope they understood what it meant.

To the flight crews who make sure the uniformed troop is the first “on” and “off” the airplane I’d like to say thank you. Im a Vet myself, from right after 'nam finished up, and I clearly remember when the uniform was not respected at all. We cant make that same mistake again Ever!