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How often do 777s come to KPHX?
Thanks in advance

The way to find out is to go to the PHX page (flightaware.com/live/airport/KPHX), click on “more” under the arrivals side, sort by type (click on type then click on the arrow next to “type” to sort ascending).

Once you have it sorted by type ascending, click on “next 40”. Now take a look at the address bar. You’ll see something like this:

flightaware.com/live/airport/KPH … e;sort=ASC

To get to the flights that are operated by 777’s change the “offset=80” in the URL to something like “offset=6080”. This will get you closer to the 777.

Yes, it’s a hassle to do it this way but for whatever reason FlightAware has not developed a search engine that allows you to enter an aircraft and airport search. Too busy doing the picture and airline fares junk, I guess.

I did this and found no 777’s arrived in the past few days.

Thanks I’ll do that :smiley:

The short answer is that there is no regularly scheduled 777 flight to PHX.

The only scheduled widebody passenger flights are from Hawaiian and British Airways (which fly a 767 and 747 respectively) and FedEx uses an MD-10 or MD-11 from MEM and IND depending on the day and an A300 from OAK and UPS uses a 767 or A300 from SDF. Atlas Air appears to regularly fly a 767 from SAN and CVG.