4 hour delay

Sitting in Doha this morning waiting for passengers to get off of a Qatar airways flight from London (one week late) I heard a Gulf Air flight to Bahrain start to taxi when ground control advised them that Bahrain had just called and there would be a delay. Of course the crew asked how long and what was the problem, at that time ground had no idea. The flight was asked to hold short of the taxiway while they waited for news.
Several minutes later the taxiway was needed so Gulf Air was moved to a corner of the ramp. While on the way to the corner ground control advised them that Bahrain had called back, there was a disabled aircraft on the runway and it might be 4 hours.
We left shortly after that, flew over Bahrain but it was cloudy so I couldn’t see anything and I never did hear what the problem was.

John in Saudi

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