Not recorded Flight Thai Airways

On the 20th of January I was due to fly with Thai Airways TG 923 from Frankfurt to Bangkok.
The Boarding time was 20:15, but was delayed for a couple of hours. In the plane we waited for push-back for another hour or so, but finally the push-back took place.
But we didn’t get to fly. The plane taxied a few hundred meters and then stopped.
We were informed the flight was cancelled.
After waiting for another hour we got a hotel booking and were informed the flight was delayed till 15:00 the next day.
The next day the plane left about 17:00 and landed the next day in Bangkok.
So far so good, it happens, but the strange thing is:
The flight is not recorded on any of the sites, and if I trie to use one of the claimsites for a compensation (600€ in Europe) the feedback is that the flight didn’t have more than 3 hours delay.
Luckily I have a photo of the information board where the delay is visible…
Does anybody know what happened here?

Kind regards!

Possibly this one: TG923D (THA923D) Thai Airways Flight Tracking and History 21-Jan-2023 (FRA / EDDF-BKK / VTBS) - FlightAware

Callsigns / flight numbers for extremely delayed / rescheduled flights like this are sometimes changed (in this case to 923D) to avoid confusion with the next day’s scheduled flight.

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Thanks very much ! Most helpful !