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Delay of Quantas 015

Any1 no why Quantas015 Brisbane to Lax delayed
takeoff for an hour

K fly type people my son is on this flight lil bit of a nervous mom here

Because there is no such thing in the ENTIRE world as Quantas so there can be no flight 15 for them. Try Qantas - the correct spelling of the airline’s name. When started, it was named Queensland and Northern Australia Air Services. It was abbreviated QANTAS. Eventually, it became Qantas.

Oh, and while were at it, the spelling is “anyone”, not “any1”; “know” and not “no”.

Anyone want to start a pool on when the English language as known by the educated people (i.e. people who went to school prior to the 1990s) will be completely eliminated?

What a butt hole! I just asked a simple question/ kinda in a hurry typing didn’t know I’d be hammered by the grammar/ spell police
Besides you didn’t answer my question with any useful information. Q015 was delayed and hour I am just concerned why.
Btw Kiss My Ass

I’m sorry - that’s MR. Butthole to you. I’m not the spell police - I’m the spellING police.

Q015? Did you mean QFA15 or QF15?

An hour’s delay is nothing unusual in the airline industry. I’ve been on flights that were delayed as long as 7 hours (and the flight I was getting on was only 8 hours long!). In other words, nothing to worry about. There could be dozens of reasons way ranging from a lamp out in the cockpit to the aircraft arriving late inbound to crew being late to etc., etc., etc.

According to FlightStats.com there was a bunch of tinkering with ETD but eventually it left and arrived on schedule. My guess is that there was a minor equipment issue which ended up being fixed sooner than expected.

Not to be a b*** h*** but texting and posting aren’t the same thing y’know. :wink:

Thanks for information. Son home safe and sound. He said they were having problems with entertainment touch screens. QANTAS gave the passengers vouchers to make up for long flight without entertainment.
They ended up getting it fixed after all, so all in all I was extremely impressed about the voucher. Back in the early 70’s I was delayed for hours, on another airlines, en route to San Diego and had to ask for a meal voucher which was begrudgingly given.
Thanks again.