3G Connection for remote Piaware

I managed to connect my Orange PI PC+ to the 3g network. On my ‘Flightaware’ login page pertaining to this device I now have an Internet IP and a Site Local IP address. When I click on 'LIVE VIEW" the web browser hangs. No radar plot.

  1. Why is this so?

I ssh’ed the Site Local IP address and I was able to log onto my Orange PI but now I cannot??. I presume this has been through the 3g modem and not the wireless connection. The Site Local address is not my router address.

Please advise.


Wired or wireless connection both are ok provided the Orange Pi and the device from whose browser you are viewing Flightaware login page, are on the same local network

As you are able to SSH to Orange Pi, sure the Orange Pi AND the computer from which you are SSHing, are both on the same local network. Visit Flightaware login page on browser of computer from which you have successfully SSHed, and click LIVE VIEW.

I can no longer ssh from my Mac. I could have sworn I used the local site IP address with the 3G running and that gave me access. It is a different address to the router and the device is feeding data to flightaware so that is a good. So to summarise, I will not be able to see LIVE VIEW from my Mac web browser because the 3G local site IP address is different to the wireless router address?

What do you mean by 3G?
Is it a Mobile Data Dongle/Modem?

Sorry. Yes, that is correct. USB Modem on Telstra network, Australia.

The basic requirement to see the map is that the Pi and the computer (on which you want toview map or ssh) should be connected to same modem.

I was able to crate a local network with ZeroTier. It has a module that needs to be installed in Pi (has instructions) and on the computer, and both will have another “local” IP address (like 10.x.x.x) that you can use. The free account is limited to 100 devices.