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30-Day Site Ranking

How do I get te 30-Day Site Ranking to show my rank. I have tried selecting a nearby site then re-selecting my site in the Nearby Sites List but that doesn’t seem to work for some reason. I have started a new browser session and cleared cookies so I’m not sure what to try next.

Megan Q.

Depending on where you stand in the list, sometimes your rank moves out of the range of where your rank was initially in the hour. I suspect most of the people on the 30 day list have scores near yours, and you may have slipped higher or lower than those on the list. This is just an observation and a educated guess on how the database is updated through the day. I generally use a local site and base how I am doing compared to others in the local area. Tweak your system, improve your antenna or move it higher and have fun with this. You can use control-F5 to reload the site fully, ignoring the cached web pages.

It starts out with my site in the middle of the list and highlighted. As time goes by whether my rank goes up or down ithe 30-day rank list drifts away from my rank in the 30-day list. If you know the direction up or down that you are going you can click on the top or bottom name on the list and it moves accordingly. When I finally find where I am now in the list if I click on my name the list goes back to where it was originally. I would think it should follow my rank regardless if my rank goes up or down. You would also think by selecting my name it would move the 30-day list right to my rank but it does not. A confusing user interface it is (best yoda voice :slight_smile:

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The 30 day site ranking fails for me from time to time as well. I then give up and try again later.
Sometimes it shows nothing, sometimes a list of entries but mine are missing and sometimes it works as it should be

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Your comments about your results implies Flightaware evaluates our positions on roughly an hourly basis. At the top of the hour, we will likely see ourselves in the 30 day evaluation graphic. The hourly evaluation becomes our graphic display rank for the next hour period. My educated guess based on years of software development and database work is Flightaware has to simplify the overall web page operation to keep the web pages working reliably. This is speculation on my part. Recalculating every position for all the users every time you and I visit our site page would be very demanding. The web pages would be slow to load for everyone if recalculation was done. Web sites are a compromise between rapid response, CPU resources available, and coding complexity. I think Flightaware has given us a reliable workable interface, fast response, and It always works.

fact is that the position changes over the day. Looks like that at least it depends on the time zone.which i would say it’s normal

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Yeah, the tl;dr here is that there are a few materialized views sitting behind the stats page, and they don’t all get refreshed from the underlying data at the same time, so they can get out of sync with each other. There’s a ticket floating around somewhere to look at it.

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Thank you for the info.