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Hourly Collection / 30-Day Site Ranking [frames] interaction

What is the relationship between Hourly Collection [frame] and 30-Day Site Ranking [frame]?
(on the feeder stats page).
I find the “Hourly Collection” useful to see how my site is performing, but I have absolutely no use for the “30-Day Site Ranking”.

If I minimise “30-Day Site Ranking”, “Hourly Collection” also becomes minimised (and the other way around)

Not so normal

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For me both can be expanded/minimized individually

I would see the 30-day site ranking more efficient for checking the sites performance compared to my neighbors and other sites. If mine goes down, but all others up, i know i have a problem
The hourly collection i am using for a day by day comparison.

Neighbours? It doesn’t usually show me sites on the same continent.

This tells me nothing about how my site is doing.

You are not looking at the table i am talking about, but the global site ranking.
This you can narrow to your country here:

What i am talking about is the list of nearby sites.
And to answer your initial question:
There is no relationship between the two you highlighted

As it has nothing to do with this thread, perhaps you could talk about it elsewhere.

And yet, as per the thread title, I do see a relationship

There is no relationship between the stats data. What you are seeing is most likely a quirk in how the page frames are coded. If you minimize Hourly Collection, the 30-Day frame remains in place.

Yes - absolutely. I’m guessing a boolean variable has been reused instead of being unique.

Not on mine.

Just to repeat the OP, if you minimise a frame, it looks like this

If the frame becomes minimised in sympathy with an unrelated frame, it looks like this

(the dead patch is when lightning took out my UPS)

Move one of the two parts to a different position on the stats page
and check if the issue persist. Both boxes position can be changed by using the arrow in the lower right corner

The field title “nearest location” is misleading in the ranking table

A relation in the behavior of the boxes, but not of the data

Yes - the frames - sorry, I thought that was clear from the screen shots in the OP

Interesting thought.
Ok, I’ve moved the “Hourly Collection [frame]” to a couple of other locations, but the behaviour persists

I am unable to move the “30 Day Site Ranking [frame]”

That’s really strange. Now someone from FA need to check.
I assume this behavior is active on all profiles you’re looking at, right? If i am accessing the stats of any of your feeders, the layout is exactly like mine, because i’ve set the screen differently, and for me it’s working “normal”

I also do not see the (+07) behind the hourly collection (in your screenshots above), i only see your site name in brackets and i can collapse and expand it as it should be.
As the stats page layout seem to be dependent on who is looking at, could be a local problem.

Here’s one of your receiver stats as it looks like to me. I am using a different layout, the hourly is above the aircraft reported. But it doesn’t matter i can also move the box to the position you are using.

For all my sites? Yes.

No, but you will see (+1)(?) for your own site when logged into Flightaware.
just for reference, the AEDT site is not the (+7) site.

If I pull up your first site (obviously without being logged in), what ever I do to either: “Hourly Collection” or “30 Day Ranking”, the other does in sympathy (but the order seems to be important).


Just repeating, this is how I see your site.

Hm. strange… Now i am clueless, no idea what happens…

Me neither!

20 Chr

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My page does this as well.
Could be a browser specific issue. I’m using Firefox 81

That’s what i suspected too.

I am using Chrome and Edge, both latest beta versions. I don’t have FF installed

Thanks for the sanity check!

I’m also using FF81, but I had the same issue with IE

I can confirm the same errant behavior on Chrome and Edge both freshly downloaded yesterday and updated today.