3 Star Rater On Rampage

I know my pictures may not rate 5 stars, but neither do they all rate a blanket 3 star rating. Looks like someone decided to 3 star everything I’ve posted for the past month or so.

I’m always honest in my ratings of others pictures so to see someone rate all my recents pics a 3 is a bit odd.

Who ever you are, thanks.

One thing I’ve learned about the Internet and posting stuff: You gotta to have thick skin! I wouldn’t worry about the 3 stars. Perhaps the person who did it really thought your pictures were just average. (No, it wasn’t me. I rarely go to the pictures section because when I view a picture I want full details (registration, exact aircraft model (e.g. 727-222), airport, date taken, anything that is significant about the picture, etc.). Many of these items are missing in the FlightAware picture section.

I agree that having a thick skin helps. I certainly don’t have a problem with ‘any’ rating, but when it is obvious someone takes a swipe at 30 or so pictures that goes beyond a fair rating. As far as having ‘all’ the info for pictures entered when the pics are posted—I agree, it is helpful for those of us that like this site more for the great pictures posted than the flight tracking features.

Thanks, rw…