24 hour reports from my receiver

Is their a way to see all the aircraft my receiver has picked up within the last 24 hours or any other reasonable timespan in a list format?

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In which file does this information need to be inputted?

install of required software in terminal … maybe you should first read a little here in forum …

I believe his question was where the php file is called out to execute…

does it go into Cron? Loaded into /var/www/html or what?

ah - ok. nope this script needs no webserver nor a database. running it 24/7 for what it is meant for you can e.g. use a cronjob or a system service. a sample how this could look in cron:

@reboot sleep 10 && /usr/bin/php /home/pi/ac_counter.php > /dev/null

Is their a way to send a test message to make sure I’ve done it correctly without waiting until midnight?

Hello Jon, I’m a regular at the airfield, I’m the Sunday Heli Air spotter in the corner. I’ll pop up at some time when it’s quiet.

Thanks, do you count all lines including if they are empty or just lines with active coding in?