22 Southwest BWI flights come be affected by weather.

Looking at the scheduled departure board, that’s the number of flights that will probably delayed by the weather.

Tip of the iceberg!

Fun times in the northeast and midlantic.

Nice link. Too bad it’s a live feed, and I’m reading it on 7/19, so everything’s clean & green (but the day is still young). :wink:

If you had seen it when I posted it you would have seen that BOS, LGA, EWR, JFK and PHL were all experienceing three hour ground holds! DCA and IAD were reporting two hour holds.

All of this occurred while the front we experienced last night was passing through and brought severe winds and thunderstorms with it.


Here in VT there was a microburst that caused people to losose power. That was in Barnet. To bad we didn’t get any storm like near where I live. That was the other side of the state.

Little did I know that about the time I posted LGA either had or was without power. Also little did I know that a pickup truck would hit a power pole near Palmdale (location of the Los Angeles Air Traffic Control Center) and knock out its power for 80 minutes and losing all departures from LAS, SAN, LGB, LAX, BUR, ONT and SNA for 170 minutes.

If it really is that easy to knock out our aircraft grid, then the aviation industry (they pick out the shares) and chip in for brand new generators
for ALL of the air traffic control centers.

I was out on Block Island, Rhode Island, and I can tell you, it was one of the most intense electrical storms I have been in. Just ridiculous out there in the ocean.

Different storm, but the same location years ago. I was anchored in Salt Pond during what was the most intense electrical storm I’ve yet experienced.

Boat I was on (85’ schooner) was struck TWICE by lightning!

We used to have a waterfront cottage out in the Hamptons and saw our fair share of thunderstorms over the years. The meeting of the (relatively) cold ocean waters meeting the HOT waters of Long Island Sound, and the super-saturated air over it, generated some very interesting local MET, especially from Montauk Pt. out to Block Island.

Wow, that’s neat. The house we rent is up on Corn Neck Road, about 3/4 of the way from the Old Harbor to the North Light. I just stood out on the deck (covered deck :wink: ) and watched the sky just light up. Earlier in the night we had driven up and watched another large cell pass by Providence, and the whole sky glowed orange due to the large fire going on there. Surreal sight.

We heard on the marine bands reports of boats getting hit, and someone took a picture from Champlain’s of the Coast Guard Station and several boats getting hit.