2 flight plans?

For ORD, it appears the SCHEDULED DEPARTURES are not being “activated” once they depart. I click on a flight that was scheduled to depart 2 hours ago, and see there is another flight track displayed above the scheduled one.


Yet when you click on it, it shows the track…

flightaware.com/live/flight/EGF3 … /KORD/KEVV

I don’t work for FlightAware (although I wish I did) or know anything about how FlightAware works, but I’m guessing it has to do with the tracking outage. I’ve noticed this on many airports.

I just saw the outage announcement. I assume it’s related to this as well.

The duplicate scheduled flightplans are related to an internal issue we had earlier in the day. They should disappear in a few hours.

Still showing this problem as of 1315z on 30JUL.

I am noticing this problem as well. I believe N58GPRS at BLM.

Yep…still an issue for ALL of ORD departures as of 1345Z on 31JUL.

Hope this is being looked in to (which I’m sure it is) :smiley:

Uh yea, airline flights may take 3 days to clear since we get them so far in advance.