1st Aviation Job


Currently I have Commercial Multi-Engine IFR rated TT 500hrs. looking for my 1st job out of Canada or US… . Any suggestions? :slight_smile:


I would send your resume to every skydiving center you can find. If you go the the USPA web site you can get a list of drop zones in the US and Canada. I started flying a jump with only 475TT and a little over a year I have over 1200+ PIC twin turbine in a Twin otter good luck


There have been ads all over FlightAware for regionals in the US hiring folks with <500TT for right seat in jets.


If you like being poor, and can stick it out for a couple years, the commuters may be the way to go. Besides, you’ll have that really bad crashpad and complete job insecurity too!


:laughing: But it’s living the dream…


I have heard that ASA is getting ready to drop their reginonal min’s after the first of the year. I have been told they are coming down as low as CMEL w/ Inst rating.

You can probably find a pay scale somewhere here on FlightAware.